Making a positive impact through extensive experience in drug development, successful design and execution of clinical trials

We understand and appreciate the complexities involved in sourcing the most appropriate medication. We use our science-based approach, operational expertise and global experience to effectively, ethically and efficiently specify, source and supply comparators and devices.

We use our science-based approach, operational expertise, and global experience to effectively, ethically, and efficiently specify, source, and supply comparators and devices.


Vanessa Dekou
Managing Director
  • Vanessa Dekou

Vanessa started her career as a research associate at Scotland Yard and then joined LGC Group. Subsequently, she joined IQVIA where she worked with some of the largest biopharmaceuticals and biotechs to provide innovative solutions.

She has extensive experience in drug development from preclinical to registration and commercialisation strategies. She has secured product registration for several orphan and first-in-class drugs. She was also Chief Commercial Officer in a leading technology provider for patient access to clinical trials.

Vanessa was Senior Advisor to DiGamma Capital. She is on the Enterprise Advisory Board of CW+ and undertakes extensive charity work. She has a PhD in Cardiovascular Genetics from UCL, an MBA from Cambridge and a Masters Degree in Market Access from the University of Lyon.

Robert Skeggs
Director of Operations
  • Robert Skeggs

A graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Robert has led large teams conducting operations with the British Army and United Nations across the world for more than 20 years. Robert set the vision, led the planning, training and delivery by example enforcing impeccable standards and fostered a motivated team of men and women to deliver precise operational success at a world-class standard under complex and challenging conditions.  In his role as Chief of Staff, UK Support to United Nations in Somalia, Robert planned and organised the training of 1,000+ personnel from the African Union and the logistics and distribution of medical supplies for the famine and drought in East Africa in 2017. Most recently Robert led business support operations for consultant epidemiologists for the United Kingdom Health Security Agency in the response to COVID-19.

Robert has extensive experience in project management (technology and people), operational excellence, risk management and leadership.

Robert has a BSc (Hons) in Management Science, an MSc in Leadership and Management (Organisational Cultural Change), is a qualified HR professional, Chartered Manager (CMgr) and Project Manager.

Maurizio Tassi
Finance Director
  • Maurizio Tassi

Maurizio has over 30 years’ experience in investment banking. He has interests and expertise in healthcare and a keen eye for early-stage innovative biotech and medtech companies.

Maurizio was on the Board of Molmed SpA, listed in Milan, and on the Board of Lay Line Genomics. Before joining CSI, he was a Financial Advisor of San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, and a Fund Manager of Luxembourg SICAV (Long-Short Strategy European stocks).

He started his career as Head of New Issues, Schroders, and subsequently Managing Director, Capital Markets, Citigroup. He is an Honorary Member of the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain. Maurizio earned his BSc in Anthropology from UCL, and Masters Degree in Economics from LSE.

Steven Girdlestone

Steven Girdlestone

Steve is a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry having started his career at Pfizer in research, development and formulation of novel compounds. Subsequently, he worked as Head Pharmacist in some of the largest NHS Trust Hospitals in the UK where he gained invaluable experience in stock control, manufacturing, clinical trials and validation procedures.

Steve moved back to the Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Industry and has extensive expertise in all aspects of site quality and regulatory compliance, (MHRA and ISO), third party EUGMP audits, QP product release on MIA (IMP) license, Responsible Person and Quality Controller.

Steve is a Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council and Member of the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group. Steve is a qualified Pharmacist B.Pharm. (Hons) and has a Diploma in Psychiatric Pharmacy.

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