Clinical Trial Supplies

Extensive experience

At Clinical Services International we have in-depth knowledge and experience of clinical trials. We know every step of the process and have brought many drugs to the market

Each clinical trial is unique and presents its own various challenges. We source quality-assured comparators and reference listed drugs and ensure streamlined operations. Our extensive experience in drug development ensures the successful design and execution of clinical trials.


Clinical Trial Supply Services


How do we do it?

Every trial is unique and complex

Our agile approach means we’re able to deliver complex and urgent activities. From supplying comparators to thousands of patients to finding solutions for urgent immuno-oncology drugs in short supply, no task is beyond our capability.

With several decades of combined experience in drug development, we can provide fully integrated one-stop solutions. We assist clients with comparator identity, strategic guidance around protocol and provide cross-market regulatory advice.

We forecast and manage supply chains to ensure product quality, safety and security standards are adhered to at every stage of the trial. We do all this to the most stringent budgets and timelines.

We are the Gold Standard for clinical trial supply

We boost trial success rates by ensuring the right comparator drugs and devices are ready for trial participants at the right place and time; even for the most complex adaptive trials. This accelerates drug development and improves the lives of patients worldwide.

We use our science-based approach, operational expertise and global experience to effectively, ethically and efficiently specify, source and supply comparators and devices. We offer a secure and transparent sourcing of products for a broad range of trials across all therapeutic indications. We provide sourcing options to safeguard the studies.

We maintain stringent operating procedures to guarantee quality. Our trusted network of suppliers is fully audited. We are fully compliant with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and can prove the authenticity of every product we source. Our Regulatory and Quality Assurance experts have long standing relationships with the FDA, MHRA and EMA.