Comparator Drugs Sourcing


Expert comparator drugs sourcing strategies

CSI can improve your trial success rates by ensuring the right comparator drugs and devices are available for trial participants at the right place and time. We leverage our global network and country-specific expertise to source comparator drugs from audited suppliers, originators and dedicated wholesalers while maintaining regulatory compliance.

We are the Gold Standard for clinical trial supply meaning we have the experience to take on even the most complex adaptive trials. We can secure the sourcing of commercial comparator drugs in short supply and with the longest expiry. We ensure that your sourcing strategy will take the most appropriate route to improve the speed and agility of your clinical trial.


Regulatory advice and support
Manage the entire supply chain
Tailormade bespoke solutions


Minimise disruption to the clinical trial supply chain

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs must have robust comparator sourcing strategies in place to ensure that comparator drugs are supplied to all clinical trial sites without disruption. Working with a comparator drugs supplier will streamline your clinical trial supply chain and ensure high-quality comparator drugs are sourced in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Science-based innovative solutions

We offer seamless science-based solutions and appreciate that there are patients waiting for life-saving medicines. Our solutions and technology accelerate drug development and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

  • In-depth understanding of clinical trial requirements
  • Experienced import and export logistics and distribution
  • Entirely bespoke sourcing solutions
  • Global network of audited suppliers, originators and dedicated wholesalers
  • Medical devices
  • High technology systems that ensure quality and smooth processes


Global comparator drugs supplier

As the science-based clinical trial supply leader, we offer a fully integrated service for comparator drugs sourcing to help our clients understand the comparative effectiveness of competitor drugs in clinical trials.