Supply management and distribution


Optimise your supply chain and operations

We have expertly controlled storage facilities and are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Our quality management system ensures full compliance with requirements. Our service is fully integrated and monitored at every step of the process.



What is it?

Expertise in supply management and distribution

Clinical supply chains require expert planning and management to ensure successful delivery. There are a number of complex factors that can disrupt the supply chain if not managed properly.

We have extensive expertise in supply chain management and distribution. We understand where your supply chain can be optimised and implement effective processes and technology that improve your operations.

Our supply management and distribution solution ensures pharmaceuticals, CROs and CMOs can operate efficiently. This helps to save time, money and resources across the board.


How do we do it?

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

We can deliver to your:

  • Packaging agent
  • Site-patient
  • Warehouse


We’re fully compliant with:

  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • Good Storage Practice (GSP)
  • Temperature-controlled cold (2–8°C)
    and ambient storage (15-25°C)
    constantly monitored
  • Stock batch traceability, products recalls in place
  • Vaulted storage for controlled medications (Schedules CII–V) available
  • Secondary labelling and assembly if required
  • Highly secure environment