Clinical research organisations (CROs)


Manage the entire sourcing supply chain

CSI can take over the management of the entire comparator sourcing supply chain on CROs behalf. We leave clinical research organisations free to concentrate on their specialist skill finding patients and delivering successful trials.


What is it?

Partner of choice for top CROs

Clinical supply chains require expert planning and management to ensure successful delivery. There are a number of complex factors that can disrupt the supply chain if not managed properly. Clinical research organisations require robust supply management solutions that optimise operations.

Early sourcing of a comparator ensures a reliable and compliant supply chain can be established. With access worldwide, we can apply our country-specific regulatory expertise to minimise risk and ensure compliance.

Global regulatory expertise
Minimise supply risk
Optimise operations
I believe this win is 100% because of the CSI involvement. Thank you again!
Clinical Supplies Manager, Top 5 CRO

How do we do it?

Efficient operations and supply management

Quality is in our DNA. Our regulatory and quality assurance experts have long-standing relationships with MHRA and EMA and can provide expert advice. Our teams stay up to date with the latest regulatory developments and implement changes necessary to stay compliant with government and regulatory agency requirements

Our supply management and distribution solution ensures clinical research organisations can operate efficiently. This helps to save time, money and resources across the supply chain lifecycle. With seamless supply operations, CROs can successfully deliver projects on time and budget.

Clinical Trial Supply Solutions

We forecast and manage supply chains to:

  • Ensure quality
  • Maintain safety
  • Comply with security standards
  • Remain on budget
  • Optimise timelines