Contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs)


Solving sourcing challenges with our expertise

For contract manufacturing organisations, CSI takes on the burden of the very toughest sourcing challenges. ‘Mission Impossible’ in the world of comparator medicines.


What is it?

Partner of choice for leading global contract manufacturing organisations

Contract manufacturing organisations need tailormade solutions that solve even the most complex comparator sourcing challenges. The comparator sourcing process faces a number of risk factors including finding relevant documentation, timeline delays and supply chain management. Furthermore, the globalisation of clinical trials highlights the need for understanding global regulations and establishing an efficient supply chain.

Time is critical in the sourcing pipeline. Short lead time can often prevent CMOs sourcing directly as the process can take longer than what is preferred. Strong, long-standing relationships between comparator sourcing suppliers and contract manufacturing organisations are crucial in tackling this challenging process.

Long-standing relationships
Solve sourcing challenges
Transparent product sourcing

How do we do it?

Ensure timely delivery of sourcing

CSI offers secure and transparent sourcing of products for a broad range of trials across all therapeutic indications. We provide sourcing options to safeguard clinical studies.

With several decades of combined experience in drug development, we can provide fully integrated one-stop solutions. We assist clients with comparator identity, strategic guidance around the protocol and provide cross-market regulatory advice.

Clinical Trial Supply Solutions

We forecast and manage supply chains to:

  • Ensure product quality
  • Maintain safety
  • Comply with security standards
  • Remain on budget
  • Optimise timelines